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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Solutions

  enable clients to meet aggressive recruitment plans related to rapid business growth, new businesses/products/channels, relocating and building global value chains such as R&D and Sourcing Operations, building new Business Process Outsourcing centers such as IT and call centers, etc. RPO is particularly important when companies face tight time constraints and/or limited internal resources. Given the fast growth and development of the China market our focus for RPO has been primarily in China where we combine our established track record in recruitment in the past 8 years, extensive network of soon to be 6 local offices in key cities, large teams of over 80 highly experienced and trained recruitment consultants, successful track record in project management for top clients, and continuous investment in the latest technology in recruitment processes, and our commitment and dedication to innovation. As recruitment costs and budgets are escalating rapidly in China, RPO also enables company to lower overall costs per hire while increase the quality of hire over the medium and long term.

  1. large volume of immediate hires within a short time
  2. require these hires to be strategically positioned across multiple locations
  3. lack in-house resources to handle such large volume hiring
  4. need to lower/control total recruitment costs caused by high turnover and inefficient tools/channels – while raising overall quality of hires
  5. start-up organization or relocating/shifting global operations
  6. significant shifts in business strategy due to expansion, new products, Merge & Acquisitions and investments that require different skill sets from outside within a short time.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) project provides clients with the option of having a fully project managed, end-to-end recruitment process to meet short term hiring needs and long term talent retention purpose. Our solutions also include the provision of project dedicated resources for the life of the project and total project management of all the administrative tasks associated with volume recruiting to meet ambitious business goals.


       Campus Recruitment Outsourcing

  Large company's campus recruitment is usually within a short time and tedious preparation.Some preparatory work such as information release, the publicity and promotion of the recruitment information, campus talks, resume reception and screening, first round of interviews and written work and .etc can be outsourced to professional HR companies so that those large company's HR department can focus on a small amount candidates' professional and quality and the final hiring interview. It eases the HR department's time pressure and improve the efficiency of recruitment.



  Provide part of the recruitment process services according to the different needs of customers

  Recruiters stationed on site:We send professional recruiters as client side supernumerary recruiters work on site.Directly interview candidates. Participate in campus recruitment and regional job fairs on behalf of clients.

  Recruitment management off-site (candidate searching and visiting center): Mass screening candidate resumes, Build reserve talent pool, interview candidate, phone interview. Candidate searching and visiting services.Media advetising.



Recruitment Process Integration Consulting

  We can help medium and large enterprises optimize the recruitment process, integrate the recruitment channel, rebuild the recruitment system, train and coach the recruiters to improve the recruitment skills, build the company's talent echelon and give advises for implementing according to the business development plan so as to enhance the talent support for the enterprise's competitive advantage.



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