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Short-term employment and Third-party Recruitment Management Service

   Short-term employment:  Refers to the employment of 3 to 6 months of the transitional, temporary work positions.

   Beckwell's Short-term employment (Including high-end transitional positions, IT, financial, tax position, etc.) and Third-party Recruitment Management Service, is Beckwell's new business unit. Began in early 2008 by a dedicated business unit responsible for the expansion, mainly focused on short-term employees a variety of senior positions recruitment services, while providing the IT, sales and customer service type of batch job is characterized by high mobility of the recruitment and assignment management services.

   This business customers, including telecommunications, IT, telecommunications, banking, insurance and other large institutions, foreign representative offices, foreign embassies and consulates and in the old and new generation Chinese family during shift changes, large enterprises (There are mainly large-scale family business based in Zhejiang, Guangdong and Fujian province), These enterprises, institutions are short-term employees through the procurement of services to the Beckwell, not only saves a lot of compensation expense, time and management costs, but also reduces the risk aspects of the labor contract to hire. 


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